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Hair Color Ideas- Going Red Is Perfect for Autumn

Perhaps it’s because it looks sort-of like fallen leaves, or perhaps it’s because it’s similar to a setting sun; whatever the reason, red is perfect for fall. Since we’re right on autumn’s doorstep, the HairBetty blog knew that this is the absolutely perfect time to talk about red hair color ideas, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

This brunette/red combo hair color is killer in this perfect updo.

Though frequently associated with people of Irish descent, the truth is, red hair occurs all over the world in about 1-2% of earth’s population! In fact, it’s estimated that 2-6% of the United States population has red hair, making it the most common place to find the gorgeous trait in the whole world. Red hair is one of the most rare and beautiful human traits to have naturally, as anyone who has taken even a quick look at celebrities with great hair like Laura Prepon, Julianne Moore and Rupert Grint can say for a certainty.

Lucky for the rest of us, modern hair coloring technology has reached the point where being a redhead is within the reach of just about anyone! Whether you choose to dye at home or go to a salon for expert care, you can have red hair regardless of who you are and what your natural color is. All it takes is a few decisions, a little skill and a good dye.

When deciding to go red, you have a whole lot of shades to choose from! People tend to

This red isn’t natural, but it looks absolutely amazing against this girl’s pale skin tone.

think of red hair as just one color, but the truth is that there are absolutely dozens of shades out there to pick from. The red hair spectrum is rather large, going from pale and nearly blonde on one end to bright red on the other, and going from natural to true red on a different scale.

When choosing what shade of red you want to go with, you should pick a color that goes well with your skin tone. This is usually determined by figuring out whether your skin tone is cool or warm. To do so, put a piece of white paper up to your face. If your skin seems pink compared to the paper, you’re probably a cool tone. If it seems yellow, olive or brown, you’re probably warm.

Cool tones go great with just about any shade of red, as the red will bring out the pink in your skin and will contrast gorgeously with everything from ultra-pale natural reds to bright, deep tones that don’t occur in nature.

Those with warm skin tones, on the other hand, need to choose more carefully with red hair. If you choose too light or a color that clashes with your skin color, it can make for a strange contrast. Bright unnatural reds or fiery reds can look great, as can auburns.

When it comes time to actually dye your hair, you have a few choices. You can either go

This light, almost strawberry blonde is one of our very favorite shades.

temporary or permanent, and you can either do it at home or in a salon. We would suggest going with temporary dye for your first attempt at a new shade, which gives you a chance to try it out before you commit. We’d also suggest using a salon, as the quality of their products and experience will almost always be worth the added cost, as you can easily spend just as much fixing mistakes at home. Of course, if you have dark hair already, you may have to bleach your hair to even be able to try red, so once again, it’s a good idea to consult a salon for this process.

As always, if you have any questions about going red, hit our expert staff up with the HairBetty form! You can also use “red hair” or variations on that term (such as “red hair celebrities”) to browse through all the best and most successful shades of red for various skin tones. With these tools at your disposal, and a little bit of knowledge, you can get that fiery look you’ve always wanted in no time flat.