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Ombre Hair Colors Are This Year’s Big Hit

If you’re looking for the hottest hair coloring trend, sported by everyone from the hip youth to

You’ve probably seen the ombre hairstyle out, but might not have known what it was!

celebrity tastemakers, nothing has been trendier in the last year than the incredibly cool ombre hair colors. Similar to highlights, the ombre essentially means dyeing medium to long hair so that it has at least two tones, one of which fades gradually into the other. It creates a dynamic contrast that’s both gorgeous and seriously hip, and we here at the Hair Betty blog just love it.

While the ombre is typically done with an unnatural color on naturally colored hair, there are simply hundreds of options when it comes to this spectacular hairstyle. For those who want to keep their natural hair color and simply add ombre highlights to it, almost any color will work. However, we think dark brown to black or very light or golden blondes create the best overall looks.

Next, you’ll want to choose the color to do the highlights with! This can be literally anything, though we would suggest staying away from combos like light brown and red or blonde on brown. If the two colors look good together to your eye otherwise, they’ll probably look good on your head, so just stick to colors that complement each other. For natural colors, a lighter blonde ombre on golden blonde hair looks incredible, as does blonde on red or auburn. If you’re a little more daring and willing to stand out in the crowd, we just die for unnatural ombre colors on blonde and black or dark brown. We’re especially crazy about purples, teals and almost all pastels, but even silver and pure white have been known to look spectacular.

Celebrities like Rachel Bilson have made the ombre hair coloring even more popular.

Finally, if you’re interested in trying out the ombre hair trend, you’ll need to decide how much of your hair you want to commit to dying. The typical look is a fade from about two thirds down your hair to the tips, but you can do just about anything. Whole-head ombres can look great, as can just doing the tips. Another interesting idea is to do an uneven ombre, dyeing different strands at different lengths for a less stark transition. Some people have even experimented with dyeing different strands different colors (usually two or three, but sometimes rainbow!) for an even more unique look.

For hair coloring, the ombre look is an absolute killer for medium to long hair. With celebrities of all stripes picking up on this look, and people constantly experimenting with various colors and processes, this hair coloring trend is likely to stick around for awhile, so jump on it while it’s still relatively uncommon. Hair Betty’s extensive catalog of hairstyles features a wide selection of ombre looks, so click on over there and find yourself one you’ll love today!