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Hair Products- Finding the Best Products for Your Hair (Part 1)

It’s a fact: good hair starts with good hair products. Unless you’re one of those rare few people blessed with naturally perfect locks, chances are that there are areas in which your hair could use a little extra help. Lucky for us less-than-perfect folk, clever humans have been coming up with a huge range of hair products designed specifically to assist your hairstyles in looking great, feeling incredible and maintaining the ideal balance between appearance and health. The issue, of course, is which hair products to use?

With so very many hair products on the market, finding the right one can seem like a huge task!

And a big issue it is! There are as many opinions on this question as there are people who own a head of hair, and nearly everyone seems to disagree on exact brands, products and even scents. With so many different opinions, it can seem almost impossible to find just the right stuff for your own head, but fear not! HairBetty has a few tips for you on hair products and how to go about finding just the ones for yourself. In the first part of our article, we’re going to break down the various products out there into three easy categories.

Clean Hair is Key

Hair products that clean are better known as, you guessed it, shampoo! This term covers just about every cleansing product for hair, most of which also work in about the same way. Without getting too technical, shampoos are specially made to combine with water to allow the hair to become soaked. At the same time, shampoo molecules attract dirt and oils, which are then washed off with the shampoo.

Shampoos come in a huge variety of formulas, scents and prices, each of which is very different from the last, and not all of which are appropriate for each type of hair. Some people can get away with using just about any shampoo, while others need a very specific type of shampoo in order to keep hair and scalp healthy. We’ll get more to figuring out whether you need to change your shampoo or not in the second part of the article, but there are a couple easy rules of thumb that we at HairBetty have come to trust. First, if it’s super-cheap, it’s probably not good for your hair, and second, the more natural ingredients the better and the more chemicals the worse.

In a nutshell, when it comes to shampoo, you want something that will simply clean your hair at worst and will boost its health and appearance while cleaning at best. Any shampoo that even somewhat irritates your scalp or does anything else negative needs to be ditched immediately.

Keeping Your Hair in Great Health

Now that your hair is clean, you can think a bit about the overall health of your lovely locks. Hair is just like any other part of your body and needs careful attention and maintenance to make sure it’s at its best. While you can always ignore this issue, and many people do, it can make a startling difference in your quality of life to even use one good health product for your hair.


Conditioners are some of the most common and important hair products out there.

But what are these products we’re talking about? Health products for hair are those that enhance, repair or protect the different parts of the hair and scalp so that they are as healthy as possible. As opposed to shampoo, there are hundreds of different kinds of hair healthcare products that each have a different name. This includes conditioners, revitalizers, moisturizers, scalp-treatment products, exfoliators, pH balancers and literally hundreds of other products. Each one is meant to do a specific job and is applied in a specific way, and though most everyone could use one or another, not everyone needs all healthcare hair products.

As with shampoo, we’ll help you determine which healthcare product you need in the second part of our article, but again, it’s a good idea to stick with more natural products and discontinue using anything that changes the health of your hair in a negative way.

Aveda products are some of the top in the world.

Looks Are Everything

Before we start picking and choosing, we have one more category of hair products, and it’s by far the largest: styling and looks products. This category is so big, in fact, that it can be further broken down into products that you use in the shower, products for use after the shower when the hair is still wet and products for use on dry hair. Each product in the looks and style category is made to change the way hair appears, from boosting the volume to shaping the structure of hair to giving it more of a sheen. As opposed to the other two categories, which are about what’s best for your hair, choosing which of these styling and looks products you need will be entirely up to your own aesthetic tastes and preferences for what you’d like your hair to look like.

Products for the shower are used as part of your cleaning process and are meant to be

Sometimes it’s better to spend the extra money on a great product than to use an inferior one on your hair.

washed out of the hair. Almost all of these are actually sold in a bottle that combines both shampoo/conditioner and a substance meant to boost some aspect of your hair’s looks. We’re talking about products such as volumizing shampoos, shine-giving conditioners, frizz-reducing cleansers, color enhancers and the like. Usually when you’ve found a good brand of shampoo you like, you can find a few combo formulas that can not only clean, but also help boost whatever part of the appearance you want changed.

Those haircare products made for wet hair are typically those that help with other processes. For instance, there are products for conserving hair color, volumizing, reducing frizz and making styling easier (among many others), and applying them to wet or damp hair without rinsing can assist you in getting the look you want in huge ways. Additionally, many holding agents, such as gels, work best when applied to damp hair, though these should always be used last. That means that if you have a product you’d like to use that requires dry hair, you’ll want to find a holding agent (if necessary) that is also to be used on dry hair.


Gels and other holding agents are a major part of a great looking hairstyle.

Which brings us to the dry hair products, also known as finishing products. These are meant to be used at the very end of your preparation process, and they either give your hair a last boost in categories like volume, texture and frizz reduction or they are holding agents, such as whips, cremes, pastes and hairsprays.

Whew! That’s a lot of products, right? We hope that this breakdown of the various types of products that are out there helps you organize them better in your mind, which in turn will help you choose which ones you want to use on your own hair. We’ll be following up this post with a few tips on how to sort through these products to find the right combination for yourself, so head back tomorrow for some more important hair info! In the meantime, you can always ask the experts at HairBetty what they think about your hair situation with our convenient form located here at our homepage. Until next time, hair lovers!