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The Top Women’s Celebrity Hair Styles in the World

A few posts ago, we talked about how HairBetty’s in-depth hairstyle catalog can show you the best celebrity hair in the world and showcased a few of our very favorite celebrity looks. Today, we’re flipping the script and are going to highlight some of your favorite celebrity hair styles ever. Confused? Don’t be! HairBetty’s expert team of researchers and data-sifters have put their skills to use and have found the most popular and searched for women’s celebrity hairstyles in the world right now. We’re hugely proud of these guys, and we’re excited to show off this dynamic list of ladies today here at the blog! Not at all surprisingly, these eight women come from the world of entertainment, specifically music, TV and film.

Sounds Good, Looks Great

This cute curly brunette look is killer on Selena Gomez with sideswept bangs.

To kick off our list, we’ve got Selena Gomez, our youngest star and the owner of an incredible head of hair. Also an actress, Gomez got big from her show on the Disney Channel and used that star power to kick off a hugely successful movie career. In addition to her gorgeous voice and excellent acting chops, Gomez’s deep, almost black brunette hair has been a large part of her popularity over the years. Gomez is not afraid to try out different looks, having been seen sporting everything from blunt bangs on straight hair to a cool, edgy pompadour to the excellent side-braid hairstyle.

Our next star likes her music a little country and her hair a little rock and roll. Carrie Underwood is the name, and we’re guessing you know her from her winning stint on the incredibly popular American Idol reality show. The talented songstress rocketed to fame with her subsequent albums, and her blonde locks have captivated people worldwide. We can’t get enough of her bouncy waves and layers of golden, shiny hair here at the blog, and according to our research, neither can anybody else!

As Seen on TV

Television has never been as good in history as it is right now, and Eva Longoria Parker is

Eva Longoria Parker stuns in just about any hairstyle, but we especially love this updo.

one of the biggest names on the small screen at the moment. Rocking her beautiful chestnut brunette look on her hit show Desperate Housewives, Parker is often seen out at events with excellent formal updos, modern bobs and even left down long, wavy and sexy.

Another youngster with style that belies her age, reality TV star Lauren Conrad is the only other blonde on our list. With a look that’s gone from sandy blonde to shimmering gold throughout the years, Conrad has made a name as a hairstyle trendsetter, especially for fans of her shows Laguna Beach and The Hills. True to the California roots of her shows, Conrad keeps it casual, light and fun with cute braided looks, chic ponytails and gorgeous waves.

The Dr. is in! At least the hair doctor, that is. Kate Walsh rounds out our TV star section with her auburn shoulder-length look. Walsh changes things up between straight and wavy and likes to play with parted bangs in ways we just love. It’s no wonder that this amazing woman started out her career as a model, she’s just that gorgeous.

She might play a doctor on TV, but we think Kate Walsh’s modeling career could have been enough to make her famous with great looks like this one.

The Best Hair on the Silver Screen

Few in the world have the kind of style that movie stars can often pull off, and Jessica Alba is by far one of the most well-put together women in all of film history. Starting off in TV, Alba’s beautiful golden brown hair was simply too much for the small screen, and she soon showed up as a star in films like Sin City. A classy lady, Alba likes to wear her hair long and curly, but she often puts it in a cool updo for her frequent charity events.

When you win an Academy Award, you don’t really need great hair, but it seems that someone has forgotten to tell that to Halle Berry! Without question one of the most talented people to ever star in a film, Halle Berry’s short curly hair has won her almost fans as her acting. Berry isn’t one to play it safe and stick to her charming signature do though- she’s also been known to kill with a straight, flirty pixie and even long white colored hair (such as in X-Men).

A cute bob on a cute lady! Katie Holmes made this look a huge deal in the 90′s, and is still a major fashionista today.

Wrapping up, we leave one of the best and most popular for last in the ultra-famous Katie Holmes. Ms. Holmes has never let the huge amount of interest in her every move keep her from looking incredible all the time, and a big part of that image is her amazing celebrity hairstyle. In fact, Holmes has been a major part of why cuts like the a-frame bob and sideswept bangs have rocked the world in the last few decades.

These eight women are undeniably some of the most fashionable in the world, and according to the research of the crack HairBetty team, they’re also the most popular when it comes to celebrity hairstyles. For more great celebrity looks from these and other stars, make sure to give a few of your favorite names a search on our powerful engine, and see if you can’t find something you’d like to try out for yourself.

Hairstyles with Bangs: Choosing the Right Fringe for You

Yesterday we talked a bit about how hair condition and face type can make a big difference

The side swept bangs look is a perennial classic, especially on people as gorgeous as Christina Hendricks!

when choosing a hairstyle with bangs, and today we’re going to take that information and actually look at a few types of fringe! After the many centuries humans have been playing around with new hairstyles, it should come as no surprise that there are a huge number of variations on bangs. Though we could never list every style of bangs here, there are a few types of fringe that are hugely popular and are always great choices. Once we’ve looked at a few of these and shown you the standard looks for haircuts with bangs, we’ll give you a run down on the HairBetty search feature and how you can use it to find amazing bangs haircuts.

To start out with, the easiest thing to do with bangs is to simply part them. Parted bangs are just what they sound like: parting the hair at the front of your head. This can be done in the middle or on either side, and it’s a quick and often-used solution for what to do with that part of your hair.

The most obvious and simple to cut bangs style is blunt bangs. Whether at the eyebrows, just above, just below or anywhere else, the blunt style simply means cutting the bangs straight across in a line. This look is highly popular right now due to ladies like Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift wearing it, but it’s actually been around for quite some time. This look goes in and out of style, and right now it’s definitely in, so it’s a great time to get it done for yourself.

Asymmetrical bangs are a bit harder to pull off, but as you can see, they look super cool when done right.

Choppy bangs are those that have been cut mostly straight across but have had texture added to them. These are often worn by men and are a more casual look than some of these others.

Similar to choppy bangs, asymmetrical bangs take the idea of making pieces of the hair that form the bangs into different lengths and turn it into a more designed look. For instance, where the choppy look is random bits of hair cut to different lengths to provide a purposefully messy texture, asymmetrical bangs would purposefully make the sides of bangs longer than the middle with even, careful cuts. These bangs look especially great with more extreme hairstyles.

Taking the choppy and asymmetrical bangs ideas to the extreme, wild or chaotic bangs have pieces of hair at drastically different lengths. Most bangs are cut so that the different lengths gradually meet each other, but for wild bangs, they can just drop straight into a different length with no connecting pieces. You see these a lot in punk or goth hairstyles, but they’re also popular with the couture crowd.

For last, we’ve saved probably the most popular bangs style right now: the side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs are usually cut a bit shorter than the majority of hair and are pushed to one side or other of the face. This usually coincides with the part at the top left or right of a person’s face, and there are a million varieties on how to cut the bangs (if you cut them at all).  These bangs are huge when it comes to celebrity hairstyles, so you know they’re a hit!

This provides a great transition into the HairBetty free hair catalog, where you can search

The choppy bangs look is a great option if you want to go a little more wild with your bangs.

for side-swept bangs to get an idea of the different variations out there. Head to the HairBetty homepage and type in “side swept bangs” to the search bar at the top, or simply follow this link. HairBetty will then consult its massive database of searchable hairstyles and will show you a full page of results, showcasing the various ways that side swept bangs can be worn. Of course, if you want to check out any of the other bangs, you can search for those as well.

If you see any cuts on the site that you’d like to try out, you can either e-mail them to your stylist or you can send them to yourself and pull them up at your salon on your smart-phone. Getting the best hairstyles with bangs is as simple as visiting HairBetty every once in a while and seeing what new looks we’ve found for you! So give us a bookmark, and make this site your go-to spot for the best bangs ever conceived.

Hairstyles with Bangs Are a Constant Classic!

Nicole Richie knows just how to complement her heart-shaped face with the perfect fringe.

Whatever cut you choose, there’s one question that you almost always have to deal with: bangs! What do you do about them? While you can sometimes just leave hair alone and avoid the question, most cuts will need to do something with bangs. Choosing hairstyles with bangs can be somewhat daunting, with so many options out there for what to do with them, but HairBetty is here to help! By deciding on a few things ahead of time, you’ll be able to find bangs that are not only perfect for your face, but also look gorgeous. Today we’re going to focus on what you can do to prepare to find the perfect bangs, and tomorrow we’ll give you an overview of the various types of bangs that are hot right now and show you how to use HairBetty to find them! Let’s get started, first looking at the current situation of your hair.

What’s the Condition of Your Hair?

While nearly every style of hair can incorporate bangs of some kind, and bangs can be drastically different from one set of fringe to the next, your hair’s current situation will extensively effect what bangs you’re able to achieve and which ones look best. For instance, if you have ultra-short hair, such as a pixie hairstyle, you might not be able to pull off longer fringe like the side-swept or long blunt bangs. Also, curly or wavy hair might have to be straightened to achieve some haircuts with bangs. Just keep these issues in mind when looking through types of bangs, and you’ll be ok.

You should also look at the health of your hair. If hair is overly dry, has extensive damage from processes, has split-ends etc., you should consult a stylist and see what products you can use on your hair to prepare it for bangs. Nothing is more upsetting than having a great cut with bangs that’s ruined by damage, so avoid the disappointment by keeping your hair in good health with the correct products.

What’s Your Face Type?

Second to the condition of your hair, the next most important issue for picking the right

These blunt, parted bangs are gorgeous on her oval face.

bangs hairstyle for you is the shape of your face. Depending on your face, different sets of fringe will look better and can even provide some assistance in softening features. The primary face types are oval, round, long, square, heart-shaped, triangular and diamond.

Those with oval faces can pull off almost any bangs and should feel free to experiment with different looks (and count your lucky stars!).

Round faces look incredible with bangs that hang over the cheeks, which can help to make your face look a bit longer.

If you have a longer face, or if you have a tall forehead, longer bangs that hang nearly to your eyes can give your face a more oval appearance.

Square faces can be softened with looks such as side-swept bangs, giving the face a less angular look. Feathery bangs also look great on this face type.

Side-sweeps are also great for heart-shaped faces. With this face, bangs can help make the face appear less wide and can also soften a strong chin, if needed.

Triangle and diamond faces are great with wispy bangs that cover part of the forehead and help balance the face.


Taylor Swift has been a major part of the popularity of blunt bangs these days.

Understanding your personal situation before you start looking for the perfect fringe is the best way to guarantee great results. Using the information you’ve gathered, you’re ready to move on to looking through the various bangs styles that are out there and picking one out to try out, including all the celebrity hairstyles with bangs. Tomorrow we’ll show you how the HairBetty search tool can give you examples and inspiration for the best haircuts with bangs on the globe, so stick around!