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The Bob Hairstyle: A Perennial Classic Haircut

From its revolutionary origins in the early 1900′s to its current status as an indisputable

This celebrity bob features somewhat curved blunt bangs on an A-line bob.

fashion classic, there’s little doubt that the bob hairstyle is one of the most beloved and long-lasting trends in hair history. With nearly endless variations on the look and its low-maintenance, easy to achieve brilliance, the bob is a spectacular cut for women looking to do something fashionable yet manageable with their hair. The bob’s versatility and fun yet classy style have made it one of the most searched-for looks on the HairBetty site, and considering how great it often looks, it’s no wonder.

Before we get into the various types of bob haircuts that are available to today’s fashion-forward woman, let’s take a quick look at the incredibly interesting history of this cut. The bob originated in a time when women were expected to wear their hair long, and when it became a widespread look, it was truly shocking to some people. Often worn by actors, artists and those looking to assert their uniqueness, the bob quickly became a symbol of independence and feminine strength. Though it faded away after the 1920′s for a while, it came back strong in the 1960′s, and since then has never faded away. Famous bobs from the past include those of dancer Irene Castle in the 1910′s, Clara Bow’s in the 20′s, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s and Uma Thurman’s from the 1994 film Pulp Fiction. In recent years, women like Victoria Beckham and Rihanna have kept bob hairstyles extremely popular, and they’re currently one of the hottest cuts to have.

Victoria Beckham, known as Posh Spice, made the “Pob” bob very popular in the UK.

So what exactly makes a bob a bob? Similar to the pixie hairstyle, the bob haircut is a short cut for women. Though there are a huge number of variations on the look, the essential “bob” is a haircut that goes straight around the head, usually no longer than the jaw, and often featuring bangs. However, some bobs have been known to extend as far as the shoulders, and bangs are not necessary for a bob. The only thing that is truly required of a bob is that it be no longer than shoulder-length and that it is cut in a line at the bottom (though this does not necessarily have to be a straight horizontal line).

When it comes to variations on the bob, there are just so many good ones to choose from! Some bobs are cut flat at the bottom, giving a blunt look, while others feature an asymmetrical cut with the hair in the front long and moving in a straight diagonal line to shorter hair in the back. Bangs can be blunt, sideswept, or non-existant and can be parted on either side or in the middle. Some famous bob styles are the Chinese bob (blunt bangs with hair that is about jaw length and curves from the front to a slightly shorter length in the back), the shaggy bob (a bob that’s somewhat more messy and less kempt than a normal bob) and the classic A-line bob, which is named for the shape made when drawing a line between the middle of the bangs and the tips of the hair on either face, with the “line” of the A being just between the nose and the lips.

Bob hairstyles are absolutely perfect if you want a cut that is easy to maintain and looks

Bob haircuts can be everything from high-fasion and couture to relaxed and easy.

great for both the workplace and going out. Bobs are great with different colors and highlights, and can even be put into ponytails or headbands if needed. The HairBetty hairstyles finder has a huge number of bob examples, so if this is a look you like, head over there and browse through a few! You just can’t go wrong with a bob!