Braided Hairstyles, From the Classic to the Contemporary

A classic, neat fishtail braid can be worn casually or for formal occasions.

People have been braiding hair for centuries, but here at HairBetty, we think that there’s never been a time when braid hair styles were so cool or in style as right now! From classic braided hair styles like the French braid to modern looks like the cascade or waterfall braid, braids never seem to go out of style, and right now they’re a great option for those looking to do something different with their hair.

Classic Braided Looks

These braid styles might have been around for a long, long time, but that’s because they’re so great, they never stop being cool! Our favorite of the classic braids is also one of the most popular out there right now: the fishtail braid. Seen incorporated into celebrity hairstyles worldwide, this interesting braid is made to look like the tail of a fish, giving it

Miley’s cool side-braid is a fun new twist on a classic plait.

both a unique name and look. The most common of braid, of course, is the French braid, which uses three pieces of hair layered one over the other in a specific pattern to create a great perennially popular look. French braids are slightly different from what is considered a “standard” braid in that the braiding begins at the top of the head, as opposed to at the neck. Another variation on the standard braid, the Dutch braid is a reverse French braid which causes the plaits of the braid to point the opposite direction (up, instead of down).

Chic, Modern Braids for the Modern Girl

When the standard, oldschool braided looks just aren’t doing it for you, fear not! Modern days have seen some super-chic braid techniques come about that we are crazy for. Of these, our three favorites are the side-braid, the cascade braid and the wild and funky Venice braid. The side-braid is exactly what it sounds like, though it’s not the actual braid that makes it new, but where it’s placed on the head! Sported by young starlets like Miley Cyrus, the side-braid is just about any kind of braid placed on the side of the head as opposed to the back. The cascade braid, is one of the few that can’t be done this way, as it is a super-new type of braid that is plaited partway down the back of long hair, which then drops back the normal way. Also called the waterfall braid, this cool look is meant to make the hair look like it’s cascading like moving water, and it’s our very favorite of the new looks. A close second, however, is the awesome Venice braid. Similar to the French or fishtail braids, in that it takes the hair into one solid plait, the Venice braid is an ultra-messy couture braid hugely popular with the fashion world right now. Its wild strands and tousled look contrast with the structure of the braid for an incredibly modern style that’s to die for.

How cool is this funky new style of braid, the Venice braid?!

These are obviously not the only braided styles out there, but you can always use the HairBetty search to scope out a few other looks! We’ll also be approaching braids again later this week in another article to give you some more great ideas, so be sure to check back later this week for some neat ideas for how to make braids look even better. We guarantee, you won’t want to miss these cool tips!

Everyone Loves Blonde Hair Coloring!

Naturally-colored hair can be a treat, but sometimes we all just want to shake things up a bit with a new hair color. Never before has changing the look of your locks been so easy or in style as right now, so it’s a great time to think about switching to a cool new color! Of course, when it comes to American classic looks, everyone loves a blonde, as they say. And, lucky for you adorers of golden hair, blonde is in right now in a big way, with everyone from celebrities to fashion models sporting the color!

Lady Gaga’s platinum blonde look has been a big part of the resurgence of blonde as the hottest color.

When you’re thinking about going blonde, what you want to think about first is what shade of blonde will work best for your skin. While you can always dye your hair any color you want, certain tones of blonde will look better on different types of skin. The rule of thumb for going blonde is simple: the lighter the skin, the lighter the blonde should be and the darker the skin, the darker the blonde should be. If you’re pale-skinned, ultra-light blondes (even almost white) can look incredible.  If you tend to tan, light blondes may contrast strangely with your skin, but caramel blonde tones can be pulled off with great success. If you think you’re somewhere in the middle, sandy blondes and golden blondes will work incredibly well.

Now, let’s get down to the fun part and look closer at a few blonde shades! Blonde hair

Classic golden blonde is a sure stunner when it comes to color.

color falls on a shade scale that goes from cool to warm, with those in-between known as neutral shades. Which part of the scale a shade falls on is pretty easy to determine; simply ask yourself if it’s closer to white or closer to golden/light brown. Those that fall closer to white are cool, while golden and light brown are more warm tones.

Cool blonde hair colors include the lightest colored blondes out there. These include everything from just a tick from white to those with just a hint of yellow in them, and they’re absolutely gorgeous against pale skin. Platinum blondes are included in this part of the spectrum, and they’re also some of the most popular and hip colors out there right now. In fact, some people are taking the whole platinum blonde thing to the next level and going with full-on white hair these days!

Neutral blonde colors are those that seem neither white nor golden, but are a soft yellow sandy color in between. Most people will look great with neutral blondes, and the look can be spiced up with lighter highlights for a truly unique look. The term “honey blonde” is often applied to neutral blondes, though that can also be  a bit of a warmer hair color, depending on how it’d done.

This version of strawberry blonde is almost red, but still retains the warm glow that makes blonde so popular.

Speaking of warm, those with deeper skin tones often think that they can’t make blonde look good, but we at HairBetty say that’s not true! You just need to find the right shade and the right colorist, and you can pull off blonde just as well as anyone ever has. Think sandy, classic golden or even so-called “dirty” blondes that have shades of brunette mixed in. One interesting look we think takes some courage to try, but looks amazing if done right, is to throw out the rule book and go platinum blonde or white on very dark skin. If you’re just a little tan, this can come off as strange looking, but if you have a deep, rich skin tone, it can look amazing.

Past these standard blonde looks, there are some seriously cool unique shades that use blonde of their base. The most commonly known of these, of course, is the strawberry blonde hair color, which adds a hint of red or auburn to a blonde that’s usually of a lighter shade. In addition to that, many people these days have been using blonde as the base color for exciting bits of color, including individual streaks of colors such as red or deep blue and green or interesting highlights like the ombre hair look. Blonde is our favorite look for these great and ultra-modern coloring ideas, and it can be a great way to give your look a little more oomph.

To check out a few different looks of blonde hair coloring, give the HairBetty search engine

Get crazy with your blonde with some fun dyed pieces, highlights or even a full ombre!

a whirl and see what our hair experts have collected! Once you’ve done that, all it takes is to bring your look into an expert stylist who can give you the stunning blonde color of your dreams. People say that blondes have the most fun; why not give that theory a try and go blonde today?

Hairstyles with Bangs: Choosing the Right Fringe for You

Yesterday we talked a bit about how hair condition and face type can make a big difference

The side swept bangs look is a perennial classic, especially on people as gorgeous as Christina Hendricks!

when choosing a hairstyle with bangs, and today we’re going to take that information and actually look at a few types of fringe! After the many centuries humans have been playing around with new hairstyles, it should come as no surprise that there are a huge number of variations on bangs. Though we could never list every style of bangs here, there are a few types of fringe that are hugely popular and are always great choices. Once we’ve looked at a few of these and shown you the standard looks for haircuts with bangs, we’ll give you a run down on the HairBetty search feature and how you can use it to find amazing bangs haircuts.

To start out with, the easiest thing to do with bangs is to simply part them. Parted bangs are just what they sound like: parting the hair at the front of your head. This can be done in the middle or on either side, and it’s a quick and often-used solution for what to do with that part of your hair.

The most obvious and simple to cut bangs style is blunt bangs. Whether at the eyebrows, just above, just below or anywhere else, the blunt style simply means cutting the bangs straight across in a line. This look is highly popular right now due to ladies like Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift wearing it, but it’s actually been around for quite some time. This look goes in and out of style, and right now it’s definitely in, so it’s a great time to get it done for yourself.

Asymmetrical bangs are a bit harder to pull off, but as you can see, they look super cool when done right.

Choppy bangs are those that have been cut mostly straight across but have had texture added to them. These are often worn by men and are a more casual look than some of these others.

Similar to choppy bangs, asymmetrical bangs take the idea of making pieces of the hair that form the bangs into different lengths and turn it into a more designed look. For instance, where the choppy look is random bits of hair cut to different lengths to provide a purposefully messy texture, asymmetrical bangs would purposefully make the sides of bangs longer than the middle with even, careful cuts. These bangs look especially great with more extreme hairstyles.

Taking the choppy and asymmetrical bangs ideas to the extreme, wild or chaotic bangs have pieces of hair at drastically different lengths. Most bangs are cut so that the different lengths gradually meet each other, but for wild bangs, they can just drop straight into a different length with no connecting pieces. You see these a lot in punk or goth hairstyles, but they’re also popular with the couture crowd.

For last, we’ve saved probably the most popular bangs style right now: the side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs are usually cut a bit shorter than the majority of hair and are pushed to one side or other of the face. This usually coincides with the part at the top left or right of a person’s face, and there are a million varieties on how to cut the bangs (if you cut them at all).  These bangs are huge when it comes to celebrity hairstyles, so you know they’re a hit!

This provides a great transition into the HairBetty free hair catalog, where you can search

The choppy bangs look is a great option if you want to go a little more wild with your bangs.

for side-swept bangs to get an idea of the different variations out there. Head to the HairBetty homepage and type in “side swept bangs” to the search bar at the top, or simply follow this link. HairBetty will then consult its massive database of searchable hairstyles and will show you a full page of results, showcasing the various ways that side swept bangs can be worn. Of course, if you want to check out any of the other bangs, you can search for those as well.

If you see any cuts on the site that you’d like to try out, you can either e-mail them to your stylist or you can send them to yourself and pull them up at your salon on your smart-phone. Getting the best hairstyles with bangs is as simple as visiting HairBetty every once in a while and seeing what new looks we’ve found for you! So give us a bookmark, and make this site your go-to spot for the best bangs ever conceived.

Hairstyles with Bangs Are a Constant Classic!

Nicole Richie knows just how to complement her heart-shaped face with the perfect fringe.

Whatever cut you choose, there’s one question that you almost always have to deal with: bangs! What do you do about them? While you can sometimes just leave hair alone and avoid the question, most cuts will need to do something with bangs. Choosing hairstyles with bangs can be somewhat daunting, with so many options out there for what to do with them, but HairBetty is here to help! By deciding on a few things ahead of time, you’ll be able to find bangs that are not only perfect for your face, but also look gorgeous. Today we’re going to focus on what you can do to prepare to find the perfect bangs, and tomorrow we’ll give you an overview of the various types of bangs that are hot right now and show you how to use HairBetty to find them! Let’s get started, first looking at the current situation of your hair.

What’s the Condition of Your Hair?

While nearly every style of hair can incorporate bangs of some kind, and bangs can be drastically different from one set of fringe to the next, your hair’s current situation will extensively effect what bangs you’re able to achieve and which ones look best. For instance, if you have ultra-short hair, such as a pixie hairstyle, you might not be able to pull off longer fringe like the side-swept or long blunt bangs. Also, curly or wavy hair might have to be straightened to achieve some haircuts with bangs. Just keep these issues in mind when looking through types of bangs, and you’ll be ok.

You should also look at the health of your hair. If hair is overly dry, has extensive damage from processes, has split-ends etc., you should consult a stylist and see what products you can use on your hair to prepare it for bangs. Nothing is more upsetting than having a great cut with bangs that’s ruined by damage, so avoid the disappointment by keeping your hair in good health with the correct products.

What’s Your Face Type?

Second to the condition of your hair, the next most important issue for picking the right

These blunt, parted bangs are gorgeous on her oval face.

bangs hairstyle for you is the shape of your face. Depending on your face, different sets of fringe will look better and can even provide some assistance in softening features. The primary face types are oval, round, long, square, heart-shaped, triangular and diamond.

Those with oval faces can pull off almost any bangs and should feel free to experiment with different looks (and count your lucky stars!).

Round faces look incredible with bangs that hang over the cheeks, which can help to make your face look a bit longer.

If you have a longer face, or if you have a tall forehead, longer bangs that hang nearly to your eyes can give your face a more oval appearance.

Square faces can be softened with looks such as side-swept bangs, giving the face a less angular look. Feathery bangs also look great on this face type.

Side-sweeps are also great for heart-shaped faces. With this face, bangs can help make the face appear less wide and can also soften a strong chin, if needed.

Triangle and diamond faces are great with wispy bangs that cover part of the forehead and help balance the face.


Taylor Swift has been a major part of the popularity of blunt bangs these days.

Understanding your personal situation before you start looking for the perfect fringe is the best way to guarantee great results. Using the information you’ve gathered, you’re ready to move on to looking through the various bangs styles that are out there and picking one out to try out, including all the celebrity hairstyles with bangs. Tomorrow we’ll show you how the HairBetty search tool can give you examples and inspiration for the best haircuts with bangs on the globe, so stick around!

The Best Curly Hairstyles with Just a Few Tips!


Halle Berry’s short curls are part of her famous look!

When it comes to curly hairstyles, it seems like everyone’s stuck in a perpetual “grass is greener” situation. As someone with curly locks myself, I’m constantly being told by my straight-haired friends that they’d kill for what I have, but myself and my curly-headed comrades know that having curls can often feel like more of a curse than a blessing. Over the years, however, I’ve come to find out that many of the issues I was having with my wavy locks were avoidable with a few tricks, and now I’ve come to love my curls! If you’re someone blessed with curly hair, but it drives you crazy, then today’s blog post is one for you. Here are some tips and ideas from HairBetty that can help you to get the most out of your curls.

Washing Curls Correctly

For the first 24 years of my life as a curly-headed person, I had no idea that curls need

HairBetty can find you the best looks for curly hair, just like this one.

to be treated differently than straight hair. I mean, it looks different, but it’s all hair right? It wasn’t until I met and became friends with a professional hairstylist who also had curls that I found out that I was doing things all wrong. Turns out, many of the things that drove me crazy about my curls were caused by the way I was washing them. Curls tend to dry out the scalp and hair because they trap more heat than other types of hair, which means that your head needs more oils and moisture than people with straight hair do. When you wash your curls daily, this removes the natural oils that your hair needs, which can lead to everything from an itchy scalp to frizz to strangely shaped curls. What you want to do, instead, is only use shampoo on your hair when it absolutely needs it (every three days to a week and a half, depending on how dry your hair is), and otherwise just rinse it with water. You can even go a few days without rinsing, in most cases! Doing this will return your hair and scalp to their natural balanced state and leave your locks feeling healthy and looking great. Try it out for a week or so; we think you’ll love the difference!

Curls Love Product

To assist in the benefits you’ll get from washing your hair a bit less, it’s a good idea to arm yourself with an array of products made specifically for curls. These products fall into two categories: those for cleaning and those for prep. When it comes to the shower, avoid shampoos and conditioners with heavy amounts of unnatural chemicals, and stick to those that use plant-based formulas for best results. Try to find products specifically made for curls, and if you can’t, try creamy, moisturizing products. Some stylists say that curly hair should be washed and scrubbed with conditioner only, while others say a creamy shampoo is best. Try out a few and see what works best for you, but definitely avoid anything that dries your hair and scalp.

For after the shower, there are dozens of options out there for taming, shaping and styling those curls. Most curly-haired people use products that are too thick- what you want are products that reduce frizz and add definition but are light enough that they won’t weigh down your curls and ruin their lovely shapes. Styling foams, texturizing cremes, curl enhancers and frizz reducers are all must-tries for those with curls. Sample a few products, and see what you can get your curls to do for you.

Tricks for Finding the Right Stylist


Taylor Swift is one of the most famous curly looks in recent history.

Of course, the primary thing to do to guarantee great new hairsyles for curly hair is to get it cut the right way in the first place! This requires two things: an idea of what you want ahead of time and a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair. For getting some ideas and inspiration, HairBetty is your best friend and one-stop source! Use our searchable hairstyles catalog by searching for curly hairstyles, and you’ll see dozens of looks from celebrities to the newest fashions from around the world.

Finding a good hairstylist is a bit harder, but not impossible. The easiest way is to find someone else with well-taken-care-of curly hair and ask them where they got theirs done. Of course, not everyone has a curly-haired friend with a great stylist, so the next best thing is to find stylists with curly hair themselves. Stylists with curly hair have personal experience to draw on and know how hard it is to get a good haircut with curls, so they usually make it a point to do a spectacular job on curly-headed clients. Barring these two options, you’ll have to try a few out, but it’s always a good idea to ask if a stylist is familiar with curly hair beforehand.

Armed with these tips, great products and HairBetty’s hairstyle catalog, your chances at getting an amazing curly haircut go up immensely! And since you can just bring in your chosen HairBetty look to the salon on your phone or pad device, it makes everything a snap. Try out a couple of these ideas, and your curls will look better than ever!

Celebrity Hairstyles Are a Snap to Find With HairBetty

Celebrities have been a fountain of fashion tips and ideas since the first person with an

Carey Mulligan sports a sassy pixie with perfect bangs.

interesting look got famous, so it’s no wonder that celebrity hairstyles are one of our favorite HairBetty sources for great ideas for new looks and trends! From those that act to musicians to reality TV stars, there are thousands of people out there these days with the fashion sense to try cool ways to do their hair and the team of experts to help them achieve pretty much anything, hair-wise. The HairBetty hairstyles catalog features dozens of shots of the best celebrity haircuts, and here are a few of our very favorites to get your creative mind thinking!

Drive star and all-around knockout Carey Mulligan is one of our favorite celebrities who always has a killer look for her gorgeous locks. This beautiful and talented woman knocked everyone’s socks off in the last few years with her super-short, versatile pixie hairstyle. This cut was a boyish, around-the-ears bit of perfection which she was able to wear in a variety of ways. From perfectly, meticulously combed blonde to light, messy brown with a headband to auburn with curls, Carey’s pixie has been to die for however she wears it.


The famous “pob” bob hairstyle on the woman who made it famous, Victoria Beckham.

Few enough women can say that they personally made a hairstyle popular, but almost none can say that they actually had a hairstyle named after them. Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice and husband to soccer player David Beckham, is a woman that can rightfully claim both. After seeing ice dancer Kristina Lenko sporting an asymmetrical bob haircut, Victoria Beckham made the look her own, and from there it took off in a huge way. In fact, Beckham’s style of bob became so well-known and associated with her that its unofficial name in the UK was the “pob,” a compound of “Posh” and “bob.” This sharply angled modern take on the classic bob has been a huge hit in the US as well over the last few years, and we think it’s just perfection.

Speaking of the Beckham’s, Vicky’s husband David is no slouch in the fashion

The David Beckham hairstyle is a men’s classic.

department either. Though he sometimes goes a little too far down the rabbit hole with some of his looks (that Euromullet from awhile back comes directly to mind), the male half of this power couple has become known for his short, playful brown hair and scruff combo. With just a little bit of product to keep his hair swooped slightly up, David Beckham has become a celebrity hairstyle inspiration for men everywhere.

When it comes to curly men’s hair, however, there’s just about no one in the world who captures more hearts than Adrian Grenier. The deep brown ringlets on the Entourage star’s head have paved the way for curly-headed guys everywhere to get looks that are both relaxed and Hollywood-hip. With the Entourage film coming out soon, expect to see this look on fans everywhere in the next year!


When it comes to curly hair, few celebrites have it looking as good as Adrian Grenier.

These are just four of the dozens of celebrities we’ve collected for fashion inspiration on HairBetty, though they are some of our favorites! If you like any of these, or if you’d like to get a broader idea of what the rich and famous are up to with their locks, put “celebrity hairstyles” into the HairBetty search tool and see what comes up for you. You can’t go wrong with a look proven in the warzones of tabloids and gossip rags, so pick one out for yourself for a worry-free hairstyle.

The Bob Hairstyle: A Perennial Classic Haircut

From its revolutionary origins in the early 1900′s to its current status as an indisputable

This celebrity bob features somewhat curved blunt bangs on an A-line bob.

fashion classic, there’s little doubt that the bob hairstyle is one of the most beloved and long-lasting trends in hair history. With nearly endless variations on the look and its low-maintenance, easy to achieve brilliance, the bob is a spectacular cut for women looking to do something fashionable yet manageable with their hair. The bob’s versatility and fun yet classy style have made it one of the most searched-for looks on the HairBetty site, and considering how great it often looks, it’s no wonder.

Before we get into the various types of bob haircuts that are available to today’s fashion-forward woman, let’s take a quick look at the incredibly interesting history of this cut. The bob originated in a time when women were expected to wear their hair long, and when it became a widespread look, it was truly shocking to some people. Often worn by actors, artists and those looking to assert their uniqueness, the bob quickly became a symbol of independence and feminine strength. Though it faded away after the 1920′s for a while, it came back strong in the 1960′s, and since then has never faded away. Famous bobs from the past include those of dancer Irene Castle in the 1910′s, Clara Bow’s in the 20′s, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s and Uma Thurman’s from the 1994 film Pulp Fiction. In recent years, women like Victoria Beckham and Rihanna have kept bob hairstyles extremely popular, and they’re currently one of the hottest cuts to have.

Victoria Beckham, known as Posh Spice, made the “Pob” bob very popular in the UK.

So what exactly makes a bob a bob? Similar to the pixie hairstyle, the bob haircut is a short cut for women. Though there are a huge number of variations on the look, the essential “bob” is a haircut that goes straight around the head, usually no longer than the jaw, and often featuring bangs. However, some bobs have been known to extend as far as the shoulders, and bangs are not necessary for a bob. The only thing that is truly required of a bob is that it be no longer than shoulder-length and that it is cut in a line at the bottom (though this does not necessarily have to be a straight horizontal line).

When it comes to variations on the bob, there are just so many good ones to choose from! Some bobs are cut flat at the bottom, giving a blunt look, while others feature an asymmetrical cut with the hair in the front long and moving in a straight diagonal line to shorter hair in the back. Bangs can be blunt, sideswept, or non-existant and can be parted on either side or in the middle. Some famous bob styles are the Chinese bob (blunt bangs with hair that is about jaw length and curves from the front to a slightly shorter length in the back), the shaggy bob (a bob that’s somewhat more messy and less kempt than a normal bob) and the classic A-line bob, which is named for the shape made when drawing a line between the middle of the bangs and the tips of the hair on either face, with the “line” of the A being just between the nose and the lips.

Bob hairstyles are absolutely perfect if you want a cut that is easy to maintain and looks

Bob haircuts can be everything from high-fasion and couture to relaxed and easy.

great for both the workplace and going out. Bobs are great with different colors and highlights, and can even be put into ponytails or headbands if needed. The HairBetty hairstyles finder has a huge number of bob examples, so if this is a look you like, head over there and browse through a few! You just can’t go wrong with a bob!

The Pixie Haircut- Fun, Sassy and Classy!

Goldie Hawn’s long, golden pixie helped make the cut popular.

When it comes to classic haircuts that have not only stayed trendy, but actually grown in popularity, few looks have been able to hold that title as well as the beloved pixie haircut. From their rise to fame in the 1960′s to this very year, the pixie hairstyle has continued to wow people worldwide, and it’s likely that it will do so for years to come. If you’re looking for a light, low-maintenance cut that’s both sassy and classy, the pixie cut may just be the look for you! It’s one of the HairBetty blog’s favorite looks of all time, and we love helping people find the perfect pixie for their look.

The pixie cut is essentially just a very short women’s haircut with bangs. There are literally dozens of variations on the pixie, but the standard look is a boyish cut made more feminine with wispy layers, bangs and styling. Pixies range from the ultra-short, like that of Emma Watson or Mia Farrow, to those that have quite a bit more length, like Goldie Hawn’s famous pixie.

Looking back through history at the women who have famously sported the pixie is a

In the 1990′s, Winona Ryder’s famous short cut was all the rage.

who’s who of fashionable, well-loved ladies. Perhaps the cut that started it all was that of Audrey Hepburn in the 1950′s, as she was one of the first women to eschew the traditional long hair and try an ultra short cut that became highly popular. Soon women like Twiggy and Florence Henderson (Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch) jumped on the bandwagon, and the cut really took off. The 70′s and 80′s saw a bit of a dip in the popularity of the pixie, but in the 90′s it came back in force. Gwyneth Paltrow and Winona Ryder were two of the most famous pixie-sporting stars of the age, and since the 90′s, the pixie simply hasn’t gone away. Recently we’ve seen gorgeous pixies on Halle Berry, Natalie Portman and Carey Mulligan, and the list goes on and on!

If you’re thinking about getting a pixie hairstyle, check out the HairBetty hairstyle catalog and do a search for “pixie.” Look through the various styles until you find one that you think would be great for your face and hair. Essentially what you will be deciding is exactly how short you want it, how you want your bangs to look (long? sideswept? wispy?), whether it goes over or around the ear, and how much lift you want on the crown.

Young star like Emma Watson have helped keep this spectacular cut in the limelight.

You can also always send in your photo to HairBetty’s hair expert’s through our form and let them find you the right pixie cut! Getting the right pixie is a breeze when you have tools like these at your disposal, so take a few minutes and find the perfect pixie for you. You’ll be showing off your gorgeous, new short cut in no time flat!

Ombre Hair Colors Are This Year’s Big Hit

If you’re looking for the hottest hair coloring trend, sported by everyone from the hip youth to

You’ve probably seen the ombre hairstyle out, but might not have known what it was!

celebrity tastemakers, nothing has been trendier in the last year than the incredibly cool ombre hair colors. Similar to highlights, the ombre essentially means dyeing medium to long hair so that it has at least two tones, one of which fades gradually into the other. It creates a dynamic contrast that’s both gorgeous and seriously hip, and we here at the Hair Betty blog just love it.

While the ombre is typically done with an unnatural color on naturally colored hair, there are simply hundreds of options when it comes to this spectacular hairstyle. For those who want to keep their natural hair color and simply add ombre highlights to it, almost any color will work. However, we think dark brown to black or very light or golden blondes create the best overall looks.

Next, you’ll want to choose the color to do the highlights with! This can be literally anything, though we would suggest staying away from combos like light brown and red or blonde on brown. If the two colors look good together to your eye otherwise, they’ll probably look good on your head, so just stick to colors that complement each other. For natural colors, a lighter blonde ombre on golden blonde hair looks incredible, as does blonde on red or auburn. If you’re a little more daring and willing to stand out in the crowd, we just die for unnatural ombre colors on blonde and black or dark brown. We’re especially crazy about purples, teals and almost all pastels, but even silver and pure white have been known to look spectacular.

Celebrities like Rachel Bilson have made the ombre hair coloring even more popular.

Finally, if you’re interested in trying out the ombre hair trend, you’ll need to decide how much of your hair you want to commit to dying. The typical look is a fade from about two thirds down your hair to the tips, but you can do just about anything. Whole-head ombres can look great, as can just doing the tips. Another interesting idea is to do an uneven ombre, dyeing different strands at different lengths for a less stark transition. Some people have even experimented with dyeing different strands different colors (usually two or three, but sometimes rainbow!) for an even more unique look.

For hair coloring, the ombre look is an absolute killer for medium to long hair. With celebrities of all stripes picking up on this look, and people constantly experimenting with various colors and processes, this hair coloring trend is likely to stick around for awhile, so jump on it while it’s still relatively uncommon. Hair Betty’s extensive catalog of hairstyles features a wide selection of ombre looks, so click on over there and find yourself one you’ll love today!

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