Celebrity Hairstyles Are a Snap to Find With HairBetty

Celebrities have been a fountain of fashion tips and ideas since the first person with an

Carey Mulligan sports a sassy pixie with perfect bangs.

interesting look got famous, so it’s no wonder that celebrity hairstyles are one of our favorite HairBetty sources for great ideas for new looks and trends! From those that act to musicians to reality TV stars, there are thousands of people out there these days with the fashion sense to try cool ways to do their hair and the team of experts to help them achieve pretty much anything, hair-wise. The HairBetty hairstyles catalog features dozens of shots of the best celebrity haircuts, and here are a few of our very favorites to get your creative mind thinking!

Drive star and all-around knockout Carey Mulligan is one of our favorite celebrities who always has a killer look for her gorgeous locks. This beautiful and talented woman knocked everyone’s socks off in the last few years with her super-short, versatile pixie hairstyle. This cut was a boyish, around-the-ears bit of perfection which she was able to wear in a variety of ways. From perfectly, meticulously combed blonde to light, messy brown with a headband to auburn with curls, Carey’s pixie has been to die for however she wears it.


The famous “pob” bob hairstyle on the woman who made it famous, Victoria Beckham.

Few enough women can say that they personally made a hairstyle popular, but almost none can say that they actually had a hairstyle named after them. Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice and husband to soccer player David Beckham, is a woman that can rightfully claim both. After seeing ice dancer Kristina Lenko sporting an asymmetrical bob haircut, Victoria Beckham made the look her own, and from there it took off in a huge way. In fact, Beckham’s style of bob became so well-known and associated with her that its unofficial name in the UK was the “pob,” a compound of “Posh” and “bob.” This sharply angled modern take on the classic bob has been a huge hit in the US as well over the last few years, and we think it’s just perfection.

Speaking of the Beckham’s, Vicky’s husband David is no slouch in the fashion

The David Beckham hairstyle is a men’s classic.

department either. Though he sometimes goes a little too far down the rabbit hole with some of his looks (that Euromullet from awhile back comes directly to mind), the male half of this power couple has become known for his short, playful brown hair and scruff combo. With just a little bit of product to keep his hair swooped slightly up, David Beckham has become a celebrity hairstyle inspiration for men everywhere.

When it comes to curly men’s hair, however, there’s just about no one in the world who captures more hearts than Adrian Grenier. The deep brown ringlets on the Entourage star’s head have paved the way for curly-headed guys everywhere to get looks that are both relaxed and Hollywood-hip. With the Entourage film coming out soon, expect to see this look on fans everywhere in the next year!


When it comes to curly hair, few celebrites have it looking as good as Adrian Grenier.

These are just four of the dozens of celebrities we’ve collected for fashion inspiration on HairBetty, though they are some of our favorites! If you like any of these, or if you’d like to get a broader idea of what the rich and famous are up to with their locks, put “celebrity hairstyles” into the HairBetty search tool and see what comes up for you. You can’t go wrong with a look proven in the warzones of tabloids and gossip rags, so pick one out for yourself for a worry-free hairstyle.

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