Braided Hairstyles, From the Classic to the Contemporary

A classic, neat fishtail braid can be worn casually or for formal occasions.

People have been braiding hair for centuries, but here at HairBetty, we think that there’s never been a time when braid hair styles were so cool or in style as right now! From classic braided hair styles like the French braid to modern looks like the cascade or waterfall braid, braids never seem to go out of style, and right now they’re a great option for those looking to do something different with their hair.

Classic Braided Looks

These braid styles might have been around for a long, long time, but that’s because they’re so great, they never stop being cool! Our favorite of the classic braids is also one of the most popular out there right now: the fishtail braid. Seen incorporated into celebrity hairstyles worldwide, this interesting braid is made to look like the tail of a fish, giving it

Miley’s cool side-braid is a fun new twist on a classic plait.

both a unique name and look. The most common of braid, of course, is the French braid, which uses three pieces of hair layered one over the other in a specific pattern to create a great perennially popular look. French braids are slightly different from what is considered a “standard” braid in that the braiding begins at the top of the head, as opposed to at the neck. Another variation on the standard braid, the Dutch braid is a reverse French braid which causes the plaits of the braid to point the opposite direction (up, instead of down).

Chic, Modern Braids for the Modern Girl

When the standard, oldschool braided looks just aren’t doing it for you, fear not! Modern days have seen some super-chic braid techniques come about that we are crazy for. Of these, our three favorites are the side-braid, the cascade braid and the wild and funky Venice braid. The side-braid is exactly what it sounds like, though it’s not the actual braid that makes it new, but where it’s placed on the head! Sported by young starlets like Miley Cyrus, the side-braid is just about any kind of braid placed on the side of the head as opposed to the back. The cascade braid, is one of the few that can’t be done this way, as it is a super-new type of braid that is plaited partway down the back of long hair, which then drops back the normal way. Also called the waterfall braid, this cool look is meant to make the hair look like it’s cascading like moving water, and it’s our very favorite of the new looks. A close second, however, is the awesome Venice braid. Similar to the French or fishtail braids, in that it takes the hair into one solid plait, the Venice braid is an ultra-messy couture braid hugely popular with the fashion world right now. Its wild strands and tousled look contrast with the structure of the braid for an incredibly modern style that’s to die for.

How cool is this funky new style of braid, the Venice braid?!

These are obviously not the only braided styles out there, but you can always use the HairBetty search to scope out a few other looks! We’ll also be approaching braids again later this week in another article to give you some more great ideas, so be sure to check back later this week for some neat ideas for how to make braids look even better. We guarantee, you won’t want to miss these cool tips!

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